Computer Science Minor

Complete the following for a total of 19 semester hours:

Complete the following 2 requirement(s):

1. Complete the following 4 courses:

CMPT-183 Foundations of Computer Science I 3
CMPT-184 Foundations of Computer Science II 3
CMPT-285 Discrete Math Structures 3
CMPT-287 Data Structures, File Structures and Algorithms 4

2. Complete 6 semester hours from the following:

CMPT 250Web Tools3
CMPT 261Business Data Processing3
CMPT 273Introduction to Computers in Business3
CMPT 280Assembly Language and Computer Architecture3
CMPT-281 Theory of Digital Machines 3
CMPT 288Introduction to Cognitive Science3
CMPT 289Introduction to APL3
CMPT 296Topics in a Programming Language1
CMPT 300Introduction to Science Databases1
CMPT 320Intranet and Internet Security3
CMPT 330Network Technology3
CMPT 350Parallel and Distributed Computing3
CMPT 351Introduction to Image Processing3
CMPT 363Introduction to Numerical Computing3
CMPT-371 Software Engineering: Analysis and Design 4
CMPT-372 Software Engineering: Implementation and Testing 4
CMPT 381File Processing3
CMPT 382System Analysis and Design3
CMPT 384Systems Software3
CMPT-385 Computer System Organization 3
CMPT-387 Data Communications 3
CMPT-388 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence 3
CMPT-472 Computer Graphics 3
CMPT-481 Operating Systems 3
CMPT-483 Database Systems 3
CMPT-484 Fundamentals of Programming Languages 3
CMPT-485 Compiler Construction 3
CMPT 486Design of Computer Interfaces3
CMPT 487Local Area Networks (LAN's)3
CMPT 490Honors Seminar in Computer Science3
CMPT-493 Advanced Databases 3
CMPT 495Topics in Computer Science for Undergraduates1-3
CMPT 497Undergraduate Research in Computer Science I1-3
CMPT 498Undergraduate Research in Computer Science II1-3
CMPT 499Cooperative Education in Computer Science3-8